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Class Offerings

Improvisation Lab Sessions

Our improvisation lab sessions can be structured as a single-day workshop or a weeklong residency. Students will be guided by Jodie Randolph and professional dance artists in a series of exercises to stimulate creative research while discovering tendencies and researching new and innovative ways to move/create. This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Composition Lab Sessions

Our Compositional lab sessions can be structured as a single-day workshop or a weeklong residency. Jodie Randolph equips the participant with tools and tactics to inspire creativity at any level of experience (novice through professional). This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your organization.


This class utilizes and explores principles in contact improvisation as seen from the postmodern movement of the 60's and 70's. Participants will learn how touch, sight and sound relate to physical and emotional interactions while trust, risk, and a sense of self are developed. Through the use of physics, both personal and environmental circumstances give way to an understanding of our relationship to the elements around us.



The class begins with release-based exercises starting on the floor. The warmup proceeds to seated work and eventually standing with concentration on spinal articulation.  Once the initial warmup is complete, the class will proceed to plie, tendu, and feet exercises followed by body swings, weight shift, and off-center work utilizing the body's natural response to physical laws of motion. Typically the class will travel across the floor performing short combinations which will accumulate into a longer combination. Improvisation is usually incorporated in one or more sections of the class.

Contemporary Jazz

This class traces lineage from jazz principles and combines contemporary concepts to form a musically driven combination of isolation, floor work, and intricacy. Breath and use of the pelvis are emphasized throughout the class and improvisation is often utilized. 


​The class format consists of a thorough, yoga-based warmup that typically starts standing and works down to the floor. This may involve meditation. Next is a series of technical exercises beginning with plie, tendu, weight shift, spinal articulations, and dynamic extension to complete the warmup. Following is a series of combinations that may travel across the floor with repetitive and/or short phrases. Class concludes with a musically driven center combination that may be performed in groups. The class will come together for a short repeat of the warmup before dismissal.


This class offers a thorough, high energy warmup including body isolations, dynamic stretches, and basic technique with classical jazz lines. The class progresses across the floor with exercises that build in length culminating with a center combination.

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