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Premiere: May 2019
Run Time: 60 minutes without intermission | Excerpts starting at 7 minutes 

Cast: 5 for full show | 2-5 for excerpts
Accommodations: 4 rooms
Freight: Six foot metal table

​Original Cast: Sam Assemany, Claire Little, Christina Perry, Kaitlyn Pollock, Megan Scheppelman
Lighting Design: Seth Amadei

Two Twelve

Choreographed + Directed by Jodie Randolph, in collaboration with the artists

​Two Twelve questions the undeniable tensions in our world through the subject of interpersonal conflict. Innate opposition becomes the source of investigation, offering a deep reflection of the polarity within ourselves. Our complicated need for human connection is countered by the wars that ensue between nations, between people, and ultimately within. ​A contrast between the individual versus the collective, this work explores themes of dependence, individuality, and manipulation set in motion by a series of reactions that reach for a tipping point and question the boundary between self and other.

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