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Jodie Randolph Dance

Jodie Randolph Dance (founded in 2012) is a professional contemporary dance company based in southeast, MI under the direction of choreographer Jodie Randolph. Jodie's creative work navigates the complexities of the human experience and dares to contend with the unknown. Her organic approach to movement is rooted in vigor, receptivity, and instinct.

JRD is generously supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, The National Endowment for the Arts, and a range of donors and corporate sponsors.

Purpose: We believe that dance can change the world.

Vision: To cultivate curiosity through dance.

Mission: To construct movement experiences that foster connection and conversation.


"I have had the pleasure of dancing with members of Jodie Randolph Dance, as well as having a subset of the company perform in a recent local showcase I produced. Their dancing is impressive, and their presence within the dance community in Ann Arbor is solid. I appreciate their numerous outreach activities. There is a major challenge in this city with a lack of suitable, central performance and even dance studio locations, and JRD under the generous direction of Jodie Randolph, has met this challenge by intentionally seeking out ways of expanding their audiences and bringing their works to different venues."

Sean Hoskins, Community Dance Advocate

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