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Women Life Freedom

About the Project

Women Life Freedom is a performance project directed by Parisa Ghaderi to show solidarity with the people in her home country of Iran during the uprising beginning September 2022. This is important because we're not there. We're not fighting with them. This is the smallest action that we can take in order to amplify their struggle, their protest. They are not voiceless, but they need to be heard.  


Throughout the current uprising turned revolution in Iran, we've seen various forms of protest and solidarity in the diaspora — from sharing stories and footage to storming the streets in rallies and marches. This is an evening where we resist through art and celebrate the unparalleled warmth and beauty of Iran's culture as we work to reaffirm,"the power of culture over the culture of power.

The work premiered at the Michigan State University Broad Museum in East Lansing on January 20, 2023

Project Director: Parisa Ghaderi

Movement Director: Jodie Randolph

Performers: Jean Lee, Aimee McDonald, Eleanor Raygordski

Additional movement contributions by Lynn Tofil 

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