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Dance Studios, Conservatories, + University Dance Programs

Improvisation Lab Sessions
Our improvisation lab sessions session can we structured as a single-day workshop or a weeklong residency. Students will be guided by Jodie Randolph and professional dance artists in a series of exercises to stimulate creative research while discovering tendencies and researching new and innovative ways to move/create. This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Composition Lab Sessions
Our Compositional lab sessions can be structured as a single-day workshop or a weeklong residency. Jodie Randolph equips the participant with tools and tactics to inspire creativity at any level of experience (novice through professional). This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Creative Residency
Jodie Randolph accepts commissions to set choreography on professional companies, colleges, and pre-professional dance programs. Dancers must have an intermediate to advanced level of formal dance training.

Master Classes
Jodie Randolph and her qualified professional dancers are available to teach intermediate and advanced classes in jazz, modern, contemporary, and partnering technique classes. These may be conducted in a series or as a single class.


For the Community

Disconnect to Reconnect
Experience Required: None
Age: 15+

JRD roots itself in partner and interactive group work based in movement improvisation. We value social connection as a way of bringing purpose and joy to our lives. We know how easy it is to disconnect from reality through our virtual worlds. With an increase in social isolation as technology progresses, it is inevitably more difficult to generate meaningful relationships. Using movement as our medium, these workshops are designed to cultivate social connectivity, group interdependence, and team building. Disconnect to Reconnect can be adjusted to meet your time requirements, starting at 60 minutes up to a weeklong residency.

Creative Movement Workshops
Experience Required: None
Ages: K-12

Participants are guided in a series of movement exercises that are aimed at discovering ways to be physically and socially engaged. Our priority is for all students to be able to experience the power of movement to impact well being and a sense of agency. These can be catered to schools, studios, after school programs, and more. 

​"Huge shoutout to JRD for coming in and teaching workshops for all of our first grade classes today! It was such a memorable and fun experience for all of them. Some of my kids were so excited for today they wore special dresses. I had a student that began the day by telling me he was sad — I tried many different ways to help him throughout the day but the workshop changed his entire demeanor and mood the way nothing else could. Most of them picked it as their “rose” for the day. This was so necessary and I am deeply grateful for YDI's eagerness to support and teach in communities where these opportunities are not readily available. Every kid deserves to move and explore in a safe and structured environment!"

Glenna Benitez, 1st grade teacher at Escuela Avencemos in Detroit


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